Breadth and depth of experience of our seasoned team
of professionals in the power generation industry.

Recognized specialist skills and proven world class expertise
in all types of power generating equipment and systems
and in power project management and controls.

Global experience and project execution capabilities including presence in emerging markets.

Experience is supplemented by key world-class partners
and the resources of our parent company.


The HPS core team of world class engineering consultants understand the challenges of the power industry and can formulate appropriate solutions that will benefit its clients, migitate risk and maximise project returns…

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Hyperion Power Services offers a full range of power project technical support services.  We can work with a client to define their needs during the development phase of a power project, we can assist the client with all…

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Hyperion Power Services has assembled a team of seasoned experts, each with decades of experience, who have joined forces to serve the needs of the power generation industry. Hyperion Power Services engineers…

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Hyperion Power Services is a US-headquartered subsidiary of the Hyperion Group that provides consulting and advisory services, solutions and engineering services to the global power generation industry.

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SNEAK PREVIEW: HYPPOS, our brand-new online process analysis software technology gives polymer manufacturers an edge, helping to identify and track quality issues in real time, allowing for corrective actions earlier in the flow process. Contact us for a free consultation to find out how HYPPOS can help your company improve product quality and reduce waste!HYPPOS (Hyperion Predictive Production Online Software) is a cutting edge, online process analysis technology solution, which provides the means to reduce wa... ...

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Heartfelt wishes to our customers, colleagues and friends for a warm and joyful ending to this unprecedented year.

We join our hopes with yours, for a better, healthier and happier New Year for all humanity.

Take care of your loved ones and keep safe. ...

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