Hyperion Power Services has assembled a team of seasoned experts, each with decades of experience, who have joined forces to serve the needs of the power generation industry. Hyperion Power Services engineers, consultants, and project managers can be supplemented by experts available through strategic partnerships with similar or complimentary companies, as well as the global resources of our parent company, the Hyperion System Engineering Group.

Power Industry Expertise

Proven Power Generation Knowledge

The HPS core team of world class engineering consultants understands the challenges of the power industry and can formulate appropriate solutions that will benefit its clients, mitigate risk and maximize project returns.

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HPS Differentiators

  • Breadth and depth of experience of our seasoned team of professionals in the power generation industry.
  • Experience is supplemented by key world-class partners and the resources of our parent company.
  • Key executive relationships in North and Latin America established during decades of service to them prior to establishment of HPS.

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