Hyperion Power Services has developed strategic partnerships and cultivated long standing business relationships with key world-class power industry companies which can be used to benefit HPS clients. HPS engineers, consultants, and project managers can be supplemented by experts available through these strategic partnerships. Also, through its partners, HPS are proficient in world-class hardware, software and tools.

Nexus PMG

Nexus Program Management Group (Nexus PMG) provides project management services to clients who value timely informative analysis needed to make key management decisions. Founded in 2013 and located in Dallas, Texas, the Nexus team is comprised of former Fortune 500 EPC firm project leads and offers a diverse range of management services supported by a proven track record of leading domestic and international high profile projects in excess of $60B.

As organizations expand their presence in a rapidly evolving economic environment, projects continue to mature in size and complexity. Nexus PMG appreciates these complexities and the need for a well structured program management and execution framework to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards. Nexus PMG seeks to empower existing management teams, by translating strategic goals and objectives into clear operational plans that lead to attainable and measurable results.


Apix Corporation Solutions

Apix, Inc. is a leading products and services manufacturer in the energy management, building automation, communications networking, and smart grid sectors.  The company manufactures products that save business operations money through increased productivity. Products from a broad line of control, data acquisition, and networking products, voltage protection devices to protect equipment.

Apix provides solutions to enhance building automation, facility energy management, provide control and data acquisition devices. The company has developed products and solutions that control, operate, and manage your assets from beginning to end of assets life cycle, through improvements in energy optimization and asset energy management.


TEC – The Energy Corporation

The Energy Corporation was formed in early 2006 to provide consulting expertise to the power and construction industry. The founders of the company collectively have over 100 years of power generation experience, and have been instrumental in bringing over 30,000 megawatts of fossil-fueled, nuclear, wood-fired and geothermal power on to the North American grid.

TEC team members have a strong knowledge base in the procurement and installation of combustion turbines, steam turbines, heat recovery steam generators, heat rejection systems, distributed control systems, and balance of plant equipment.

The skills and experience of TEC’s employees make them well versed to assist owners as Owner’s Engineer in the procurement of major plant equipment, reviewing engineering and design work products, and managing the engineering, construction and commissioning of new power generation facilities.