Strategic Assessments

HPS can perform strategic opportunity assessments, strategic impact analyses, project risk assessments, and business strategy design. This service is primarily for major developers, investors, banks, and utilities who are considering investing in power plant projects. Questions such as “Is the proposed project economically feasible?”, “What size should the plant be?”, “What is the best way to finance it?”, “How difficult will the permitting process be?”, “Which manufacturer’s equipment to purchase?” etc., can all be answered.

Feasibility and Advisory Studies

HPS has very significant international experience and can assist domestic developers and investors of proposed power plants who can see opportunities overseas but do not know how to go about expanding there. We can certainly give valuable advice as to the risks (financial and geopolitical) and opportunities of overseas investments in power projects, based on personal experience of our colleagues. In addition, we can offer guidance to international developers who do not have experience in the North American markets but would like to establish a presence there.

Contract and Negotiation Support

HPS can offer the services of our colleagues with considerable experience and expertise in drafting contracts on behalf of our clients to protect their interests, interpreting contracts by others, identifying risks for our clients, and making recommendations for the benefit of our clients. With our extensive knowledge of the power industry’s original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), we can provide valuable strategic support when negotiating procurement contracts with OEMs.

Up Front Engineering Coordination

The task of coordinating numerous entities to do up front engineering can be daunting for owners. HPS colleagues have significant experience in doing this and can be a valuable asset to owners. Avoiding “scope gaps” where no one ends up having the responsibility and it falls on the owner, is a valuable service HPS offers.

Permitting Process Support

Obtaining the required permits and dealing with the authorities can, and usually is, challenging for domestic projects. This task for overseas projects is greatly complicated and very few people have experience in the international permitting process. HPS does have this expertise that we make available to our clients.

Owner’s Engineer Services

Success or failure of a major project depends to a large extent on how well it is planned at the outset. HPS can perform the required up front analyses to determine the optimum location of the proposed plant (anticipated energy demand, energy tariffs, availability of supporting infrastructure (such as fuel supply, water supply, waste water disposal, and electrical transmission), closeness to transportation routes, local labor availability, construction company availability, etc.). We can also assist in determining which mode of execution of the project makes sense for each client (Engineer/Procure/Construct (EPC), consortium, etc.). Also of vital importance is the selection of the OEMs for major plant thermal equipment including prime movers (gas turbines, steam turbines, diesel gen sets, etc.), steam generators (conventional boilers, heat recovery steam generators, auxiliary boilers, etc.) and other major plant equipment (steam condensing and heat rejection systems). HPS can provide analysis and make recommendations to ensure an integrated thermal power plant design.

Power Plant Design Services

HPS colleagues have managed and directed the detailed design of a great number of successful conventional steam plants, simple and combined cycle gas turbine plants, cogeneration plants, and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plants. We can offer this experience to ensure timely and accurate delivery of design documentation that protects the overall project schedule and the owner’s interests. We also can perform assessments of proposed upgrades to plant equipment and the expected impact on plant performance and efficiency.

Project Health Checks

The HPS team has extensive experience with capital construction project management and in conjunction with a partner company has the ability to assess project data and provide owners with an independent third party verification of a project’s progress, performance, and schedule. We can also provide independent cost-to-complete analyses and an evaluation of your project team’s organizational effectiveness. These services are invaluable in ensuring that the project is completed on-time and within budget.

Claim and Change Order Reviews

Almost all projects have to deal with construction claims and change orders at some point in the project’s life. HPS personnel have the experience necessary to provide an independent validation and verification of claims and change orders as well as a fair price check estimate for the changes.

Project Control Services

Utilizing the proprietary software of a partner company, HPS has access to innovative project tracking and control tools that can be used to successfully manage projects to completion. These tools can be used to data mine contractor’s databases in order to validate progress payments, schedules, and cost forecasts. HPS through its partners are proficient in the latest project management tools and standard industry software.

Plant Construction and Commissioning Support

This is a very valuable service HPS can offer to owners. We can supply engineers with many years of construction, commissioning, and testing experience to monitor these activities. With “boots on the ground” we can assess construction progress, monitor construction safety, monitor construction schedule, ensure adherence to contract requirements, monitor plant start-up and performance tests, and provide approval of workarounds and change orders when things don’t go according to plan, recommend liquidated damages if the plant is late, etc.

Plant Condition Assessment Audits and Recommendations

There is a plethora of aging and inefficient power projects that are costly to operate and maintain in the US and elsewhere. Very little capacity has been added recently due to the worldwide economic downturn of 2007 thru 2013. Now that the economy is improving, and the demand for energy is increasing, plant owners are interested in improving the reliability, availability, and maintainability of their existing power generation assets. HPS can help them in the decision process by recommending remedial actions as required. This results in improved profitability. Recommendations could include measures for equipment upgrades or retirement and replacement with new technology.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Capabilities

HPS can offer this specialized service using highly experienced personnel from project development, to construction management, and through operation and maintenance.

Forensic Engineering Studies

When a major failure of power equipment occurs, the owners and/or insurance companies want to quickly assess the situation and determine the root cause for the failure. Based on our extensive power plant OEM experience, HPS can perform forensic analyses to establish the cause of failure of components and recommend remedial action to prevent future failures.

Acoustic and Noise Control Services

The HPS team has colleagues with many years of specialized experience in developing the design of power plants to meet stringent acoustic requirements and performing tests to ensure compliance with contractual and governmental requirements. Specialized tests and analyses can also be performed to determine which systems and/or equipment exceed acoustical requirements for operating plants and make recommendations for remedial action.

Emission and Acoustic Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning

Compliance with environmental requirements is extremely important to plant owners and operators. HPS specialists can perform risk assessments and recommend contingency planning to properly design or retrofit the plant to keep it operating within the requirements.

Power Plant Modeling and Simulation

HPS, through its parent company Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd., offers power plant control system modelling as well as operator training simulators (OTS). Power plant operators need to train for their work and HyperionRSI Simulation’s OTS services provide a cost effective, safe, and efficient means to achieve that training. Process modelling allows owners to verify control philosophy, check and develop start-up/shutdown procedures, examine safety scenarios, and identify commissioning difficulties all of which has the potential to enhance the overall project schedule.

Proprietary ‘Smart Grid’ Technology

HPS, working with a partner company, has the ability, using world-class hardware and software, to strengthen the dynamic behavior of Transmission and Distribution systems and prevent blackouts by monitoring power grids and sensing instabilities in fractions of nanoseconds. Using this technology, energy can be rerouted from other parts of the grid, to prevent the grid from falling off-line, and thus preventing power failures.

Operating Plant Maintenance Contract Negotiation Support

HPS staff has extensive experience in the long term maintenance of power plants and can provide support to our customers in developing bid specifications, evaluation of the proposals and the final contract negotiations to be certain our customers receive the highest quality services to reduce the risk of plant operations.  The types of contracts include full scope Operations & Maintenance contracts, Long Term Service Agreements, turnkey individual outage contracts, and typical OEM Field Services.

Operating Plant Maintenance Implementation

For customers who have already established their outage contracts,  HPS can provide Field Project Managers to assist in the pre-job phase with such scopes as Contract Reviews, Coordination Planning, Parts Management Control,  Quality Assurance and Safety Programs, and Readiness Reviews for all parties including the customers own personnel who will be involved in the outage.  In addition, HPS can also provide an on-site Field Project Manager to manage the implementation of the outage and final closeout of the outage documents and contractual obligations of the contractors.

Technical Field Services

HPS has a large number of very experienced hands-on technical field service engineers with both domestic and international experience in specific areas such as commissioning, controls, inspections and repairs of various OEM gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, and heat recovery steam generators.  This team is available for standard outage work, as well as forced outage situations, and is supported by the home office team of design and service engineers.

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