Our VISION is to be the Trusted Advisor, Partner and Preferred Provider of Engineering Solutions to the Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Industries.

Hyperion Power Services (HPS) was launched in 2014 by Hyperion Systems Engineering Group to serve the needs of the worldwide power generation, transmission, and distribution industries. Hyperion Systems Engineering Group is a globally operating independent provider of consulting and advisory services, systems engineering solutions and professional implementation services, and support to power generation companies and process manufacturers.

Hyperion Systems Engineering LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyperion Systems Engineering Group, based in Orlando, Florida of the United States of America, and it is hosting the HPS division, which is established to offer engineering services specifically to the power industry. The HPS division is headed by two seasoned veterans, each with over 40 years of leadership experience in one of the largest power generation equipment companies in the world, and has also assembled a multi-disciplined team of specialists, consultants, and executive staff with the majority having more than 30 years’ experience in the power industry.

HPS offers a full range of power project technical support services, including:

  • Strategic Assessments
  • Owner’s Engineer Services
  • Forensic Engineering Studies
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Subsynchronous Resonance (SSR) Mitigation
  • Life Time Extension (LTE) Consultation
  • Power Plant Improvement, Betterment, and Evaluation Services including Cycle Analysis
  • Feasibility and Advisory Studies
  • Project Management Services
  • Project Engineering Management Services
  • Up Front Engineering Coordination
  • Plant Construction and Commissioning Support
  • Plant Condition Assessment Audits and Recommendations
  • Operating Plant Maintenance Contract Negotiation Support
  • Operating Plant Maintenance Implementation
  • Technical Field Services
  • Contract and Negotiation Support
  • Project Health Checks
  • Claim and Change Order Reviews
  • Project Control Services
  • Acoustics and Noise Control Services
  • Emissions and Acoustics Risk Assessments and Contingency Planning
  • Emissions Testing and Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems
  • Power Plant Modeling and Simulation
  • Permitting Process Support
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Capabilities
  • Renewable Power Consultation

HPS works with its clients to define their needs during the development phase of a power project, assists the client with all aspects of engineering and construction during project execution, and helps the client to sustain profitability of the project after implementation.

In Greek mythology, Hyperion is the Titan God known for Watchfulness, Wisdom, and Light.


Hyperion Power Services personnel can provide a watchful eye over your power project’s siting, environmental permitting and front-end engineering as well as providing expert support for negotiations of your major project contracts as required to obtain project financing and to assure effective project control through all phases of implementation.

During the detailed engineering phase of a power project, we can offer the necessary project vigilance by acting as the Owner’s engineer and providing procurement and project control services to ensure timely delivery of engineering drawings and equipment.

Our team can provide the necessary services to ensure attentiveness in the field during the construction and start-up phases of a power project.  Whether it is personnel assigned in the field to oversee progress, a one-time project health check, a contracts claim, a change order review, or a progress payment validation, HPS has the knowledge and tools to complete the construction related task.


Effective solutions to issues encountered during the engineering, procurement, and construction phase of power generation projects are rarely a simple matter of black or white. The strength of Hyperion Power Services is in their wisdom. Too often when you hire a consultant, you are buying a second opinion on how to fix a problem, which is not necessarily the only solution.

Our personnel have a depth of experience, the cognitive skills, and the soundness in judgement to see through the haze created by different project participants with often conflicting priorities, whether they are priorities of schedule, cost, profit, or quality.

The effectiveness of our team comes from their wisdom of the overall project cycle from development, to engineering, to construction, to commissioning and start-up, and into plant operation and maintenance. Whether the resolution to a particular problem requires compromise, persuasiveness, or forcefulness, we have the capability to find the best solution.


Power generation projects are very complex, but Hyperion Power Services can help shed light on the intricacies involved. Whether it is a strategic assessment, a feasibility study, a performance assessment, a condition assessment a forensic engineering study, or an environmental assessment on your power generation asset, we have the wherewithal to understand, tackle, and tame a complex situation and simplify areas of concern for the project owner.